Has been serving affordable and delicious Cantonese food to Marikeños since the 1950's.

Continuing the proud legacy of delectable Cantonese cuisine with a Filipino twist, Luyong Restaurant- Gil Fernando Branch is open to serve your fondest Chinese food cravings. Long time customers and first-time diners alike will be sure to enjoy our classic offerings.

The dish that we made famous is everyone’s favourite Special Pancit with Lechon, a savory noodle dish cooked in traditional Cantonese style, topped with freshly cooked Lechon Kawali. This will keep you coming back for more.

Our Lumpiang Shanghai, or Shanghai Style Pork Roll, is another instant classic. Ground choice pork cuts, seasoned with Chinese herbs and spices, wrapped and deep fried to perfection. Dipped in our special sweet and sour sauce or eaten on its own, it is guaranteed to satisfy.

Over the years, many dishes have been added to our menu, including our Pata Tim, Lapu-Lapu with Tofu and Tausi, Fried Chicken, and more. Whatever your taste, we are sure to have something for you.

Come share your special moments with us and discover Marikina’s best-kept secret.


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